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June 2013 Workshops

task-completed“MacBook Maestro” Workshops will be offered in-person for teachers in Yukon Public Schools in June 2013 by Dr. Wes Fryer. Here is a description of each workshop, with dates and the registration links.

MacBook Maestro (for Beginners)

This session is for those teachers who need a foundational training in basic MacBook skills. We will cover everything from “how to use your trackpad” and “keyboard shortcuts” to “customizing and personalizing your machine.” This session has been created with the “non-­‐techy” teacher in mind. Come let Dr. Fryer introduce you to your MacBook. No question is too simple for this session. Come ready to learn!

MacBook Maestro (Intermediate)

You are starting to get used to your MacBook, but you know that there is much more you can do with it as an instructional tool. Come spend the day with Dr. Fryer learning how to transform your computer into an instructional tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way you approach teaching and learning.

This workshop will utilize this badge-based learning website, build with WordPress, BadgeOS, and Credly. Even if you do not attend one of the June 2013 workshop sessions in person, you are invited to register on MacBookMaestro and complete tasks to earn learning badges!


Don't see the badge submission field at the bottom of "task" pages? You must be logged in to earn digital badges. Don't have an invitation code to register on MacBookMaestro? No problem. Just request one by sending an @reply on Twitter to Wesley Fryer (@wfryer).