Identify and Understand the Applications Folder

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The Applications folder on your Mac laptop should contain all the software programs installed and available on your computer. Practice opening the Applications folder the following ways:

  1. While in the FINDER, click the GO menu at the top of the screen and select APPLICATIONS.
  2. Click on the FINDER in the dock and click the APPLICATIONS icon in the left sidebar.

After you open the Applications folder, scroll down to view the programs installed on your computer. Switch between the ICON view, LIST view, and COLUMNS view to see how each one changes the Application folder and it’s related displayed information.


Watch the 3 minute, second video, “Mac OS X Mountain Lion: Getting to Know Finder.”

For more tutorials and suggestions related to the FINDER, see the GCF Learning page & video “Working with Finder.”

In the box below, write a sentence explaining which of these three views is your favorite / preferred view and why.


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